BNL Karting Series Kick Off 2.0 Reboot


Ready to enter the 2020 BNL Karting Series Kick Off 2.0 Reboot ?

The event will take place from the 3rd till the 5th of July at Karting Genk : Home of Champions.

The BNL Karting Series Championship will start in August. Date will be released very soon!


Before you enter :

Regarding COVID-19 rules :

If you don`t do this your entry and payment is NOT valid !

In case you are not able to pay the entry fee online, you have to transfer the entry fee to our bankaccount.

Bankdetails BNL Karting Series


Thank you !

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Event info

Attention : a maximum of 1 extra person is allowed to join the participant. In case the participant is under 18 years he or she is allowed to bring an extra person.



Register here for the BNL Kick-Off 2.0 Reboot

Register here your mechanic and attendant


Register here for the BNL Karting Series Championship (opens from 01st of July)