Covid-19 restrictions

Extra Covid-19 restrictions

Stay at home, or during the event stay away from the track :
If you have even mild symptoms of a cold
(sneezing, sore throat, runny nose, mild cough or slight temperature up to 38C)

Update 11th of June :

Registrations for the BNL Kick Off 2.0 Reboot has to be done seperately.

Update 10th of June :

Hey BNL Karting Series fan,

The pandemic has made us aware that nothing can be taken for granted anymore.

As a result, we are 100% following up on the measures and restrictions imposed on us by the government.

In addition, we have also taken several extra measures (besides the already existing regulations), to which everyone must abide by: this is the only way we have a hold on the situation and hopefully we can continue to enjoy our sport for a long time to come.


Click here to see if you are on the entry list.

You have the possibility to adjust a limited number of data. You need to log in with the EDIT code you received during your initial registration.

If you have lost this EDIT code, please let us know and we will send this EDIT code to you by e-mail.

Sign in + register

Online registration is REQUIRED!

Please fill in all required fields correctly. They will appear on your personal form!

It is mandatory to upload a copy of the driver's license in your personal account!

  1. Copy of the front and back of the license in one document!

It is mandatory to upload a copy of the entrant license in your personal account! (this is also possible at a later stage after receiving your personal EDIT code).

  1. This can be a team license.
  2. This can be a parent/child license.
  3. This can be your own license if you are over 18 years old and NOT racing for a team.
  4. Copy of the front and back of the license in one document !

All documents must be signed online. The system asks for this ! (This is also possible at a later stage after receiving your personal EDIT code).

  1. This is an online operation.
  2. Attention : after every change you make to your account, you have to perform this online action again. The system will inform you of this.

It is no longer possible to pay in cash.

  1. Pay online.
  2. Bank transfer (please click here for the bank details).

It is not possible to pay onsite,t even with a bank card!

Sign up on the spot :

  1. Participants driving in a team must complete the registration on the spot by a responsible person of the team.
  2. Participants who are minors AND not racing in front of a team : for this, either the mother or father has to complete the registration process onsite.
  3. Participants who are of age AND not racing for a team : you have to complete the registration process onsite.


Day tickets for Karting Genk : Home of Champions must be purchased online. For more information:

Our team will assign you a location in the Paddock!

All passenger vehicles must be parked on the motocross terrain. No cars are allowd in the paddock, even for just five minutes!

Toilets and showers are only open during opening hours of the circuit!

Campsite is open. Please report to the shop and a member of the track staff will show you where to go

The brasserie is open for takeaways only!

Please respect the 1.5 metre social distancing rule!


Event related

Briefing :

  1. The Briefing will be sent online to the e-mail address provided during registration. (Please also check your SPAM and Junk mailboxes)
  2. A ‘read’ confirmation request will be sent to you, where you must state you agree with the details of the briefing.
  3. The briefing will also be posted on the website. Please make sure that your mechanic also pays attention to this!

Servicing Parc / Pre-Grid / Pit Lane / Parc Fermé :

  1. Throughout the area it is compulsory for everyone to wear a face mask, balaclava or helmet. (This is also when entering a competition area)
  2. During the training sessions, no one is allowed to be on the circuit, except for the officials.
  3. If a competitor breaks down during a training session, it must be picked up as soon as possible by a mechanic, if the competitor is unable to bring/driving the kart to the Parc - Fermé by him/herself. Wearing a face mask is also mandatory here. During official races, the stranded kart+driver will be picked up by our recovery vehicle.

Results will no longer be printed as an induvidual :

  1. Results can be found online after they are declared as official.
  2. Results will be displayed on the NOTICE BOARD.

Tower / Office / Stewards :

  1. It is not allowed to walk into the tower / office.
  2. The Stewards will be seated at a place to be determined. See the Briefing.

Relationship participants :

  1. In the Info-Unit, there will be an official seat where you can ask questions about the tournament facts. This person will contact the WL.

- Race Control :

  1. Watching the video footage is only allowed with permission of the Race Control crew.
  2. ONLY one person (participant or entrant) is allowed to watch the video footage.

Technical Safety Inspection :

  1. At registration, the participant receives a seal which must be attached to the chassis. (see documentation contest folder).
  2. The number of the stamp will be added to the driver’s details on the database.
  3. Training and competition tyres will be issued at the same time, as the safety inspection.
  4. Type approval of the race suit has to be shown visibly by the entrant to Scruitineering.
  5. Type of inspection of the helmet must be visibly shown by the entrant to Scruitineering.
  • If there is a BNL sticker on the back of the helmet, it can be used.

Award ceremony :

  1. This will be kept sombre and short.
  2. Trophies will be put down and not handed over personally.
  3. Spectators are also expected to observe the 1.5mtr social dinstance rule.


Social control / Final word

Our employees will randomly check whether or not the rules are being followed properly. In the first instance a warning will follow. However, should it be the case that these warning(s) have no effect on you, they will act verbally. However, we assume that it will not come to that and that everyone will use his or her common sense.

If you do not feel safe because someone next to you is not wearing a face mask, for example, please speak to him or her. Make him or her aware, that if we want to continue to enjoy our beautiful sport, EVERYONE should stick to the guidance.

 Contact us if you want more information or if something is not clear.