Latest information BNL 1

BNL Karting Series Round 1


Only a few days left before we can start racing again.

Below some more information regarding the upcoming race :


Signing on

The drivers and sporting checks will be done at Friday morning from 08:00 till 11.30 at the restaurant.

If you a racing for a team than your team manager to fulfil your registration.

If you are not racing for a team then you come yourself to the registration.

If you send us your licence in advance, we don`t need your licence to check because we have it already in our database.

We have to check your transponder number during registration to see if its matches with the data in our system.


Practice tires :

After registration you have to offer one set of practice tires for scanning.

It is mandatory to practice with this set from the 3rd session on (11:56h).

This set could be new or used and it is not mandatory to buy them through the organisation.

The first two practice session there is no restriction of tires.

You are allowed to use the practice tires also on Saturday and Sunday mornings Warm-Up sessions.

Rain tires are free on Friday.


Race slick tires :

You, or your team, should order the race slick tires in advance!

Category Micro-, Mini Max : 1 set of slick tires (voucher)

Category Junior Max, Senior Max, DD2 and DD2 M : 2 set of slick tires (voucher)


During Technical Scrutineering you have to offer 1 set of rain tires for the race.

This set should be NEW. It is not mandatory to buy the rain tires through the organisation; you can use your own ones.


Briefing :

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there will be no longer a general briefing per class.

We will publish the briefing online and also we will send it out by email.

Read the briefing very carefully especially because there are also some new COVID-19 aspects in it as well.

Inform also your mechanic about this briefing!!


Safety Scrutineering :

At 16:15h the safety scrutineering will starts and is split in groups.

Besides the chassis and the engine(s) you also have to show your helmet, race-overall and a set of new rain tires.

In the meantime you have to collect your race tires (by showing your voucher).


The mechanic has to come with a proper and clean, dismounted and disassembled, without isolation matting, exhaust to the Scrutineer.

The exhaust must be fitted with this new isolation matting in the presence of the technical scrutineer. Once the isolation matting is fitted, the exhaust will be sealed with a barcode seal.

Also the race number of the driver will be marked on the exhaust.

All exhausts stay in Parc-Ferme area during the event.

See article 1.40 Micro Max and 2.40 Mini Max of the technical regulations.


Please contact us if you have further questions regarding this email.


See you soon!