Procedure BNL 1 (EN)

Procedure BNL 1 2021


Training sessions

 Drivers wishing to take part in the Friday training sessions on the 2nd of April must purchase a ticket online. (link)


Registration / Wristbands

 After your final registration for the race on track, you will receive the necessary wristbands. (If you race for a team, your team manager will have received all documents needed).

 Only with these wristbands you have access to the track on Saturday and Sunday.

 The urgent advice is to complete the registration on Friday the 02nd  of April. If you really are not able to complete the registration on Friday, you need to inform the organisation via +32 475 27 25 89

 Are you staying overnight at the campsite? Then you must also wear a wristband on Saturday and Sunday. We work with a closed paddock.


Registration / Driver badge

 In your competition folder you will find the necessary competition documents, including a time schedule and the inspection form. The inspection form is partly pre-defined for you.

 The driver badge with barcode must be used for collecting tyres, scrutineering, etc.



Offering a set of training tyres 

If you are participating in the training sessions on Friday 02nd of April, you must present a set of slick training tyres to our staff in the Parc Fermé.

The timetable shows the exact times when you can do this. 

You will need to show your drivers badge. Offering a training set for scanning is only possible if you are registered on site. 

This set of tyres may be new or used and does NOT have to be purchased through the organisation.

This set of scanned tyres, must be used during training sessions 3 to 6. In case it rains you can choose to drive with rain tyres. The number of rain tyres on Friday is unlimited and will NOT be scanned.

The set of tyres you use for session 1 and/or 2 will NOT be scanned either.


Racenumber & Transponder 


Directly from practice session 1 a correct racenumber will be mandatory.

From practice session 3 onwards it is mandatory to drive with a working transponder. Make sure your transponder is charged properly.

The results of the training session can be found via a link which will be announced in the briefing.


Technical safety scrutineering

 On Friday afternoon, see the time schedule for the exact times, everyone who trains on Friday must report to the Technical Safety Inspection in Parc Fermé.

 Make sure you can present the following:



Micro and Mini MAX

The mechanics for Micro and Mini MAX have to mount a new exhaust mat with a clean and dismounted exhaust pipe in the Parc-Fermé in the presence of a Technical Scrutineer. After the new mat has been fitted, the exhaust pipe will be sealed and marked with the driver's start number. The exhaust will then remain in the Parc-Fermé for the duration of the event.

 The cost of this mat has already been included in the entry fee. Each participant in these classes will automatically receive a voucher. This voucher should be handed over to the Technical Scrutineer.

 Drivers, who are unable to complete the Technical Inspection on Friday, have the possibility to do so on Saturday morning. Please refer to the timetable for this.





During the Warm-Up of Saturday morning, you can only drive with scanned slick tyres. You therefore have the choice to use either the scanned training tyres from Friday or your slick race tyres. 

Rain tyres can only be used when the Race Director decides that a session is WET.

It is not compulsory to use rain tyres if the session is deemed to be WET.



The qualification sessions last 5 minutes. As soon as the green flag is shown, the 5 minutes will start.

Junior and Senior MAX classes will start in two groups, based on lots.

The other classes will start in one group.



The heats will last 7 minutes + 1 lap.

 Senior MAX will be divided into 4 groups, according to the results of the qualification. (Groups A to D)

 The pole man starts in group A, number two in group B, number three in group C, number four in group D and number five in group A, etc. Each group drives against each other.

 Each group will race against each other:  A vs B, A vs C, A vs D, B vs C, B vs D & C vs D.


After all the Senior MAX heats have been run, a provisional ranking will be made. Drivers classified in positions 1 to 30 will automatically qualify for the Pre-Final.

The remaining drivers will compete in a Second Chance heat on Sunday, where the first six from this race will proceed to the Pre-Final.

 All other classes will take part in a Pre Final and Final as complete grids.




 (All categories, other than Senior Max will drive the exact schedule as Saturday)


During the Warm-Up on Sunday morning, you can only drive with scanned slick tyres. You have the choice to use either the scanned training tyres from Friday or your slick competition tyres. 

Rain tyres can only be used when the Race Director decides that a session is WET.

 It is not compulsory to use rain tyres when a session is declared WET.


Senior MAX Second Chance heat

 In this heat, the competitors will fight for the last 6 grid positions for the Pre-Final.

 Number 31 of the official ranking after heats will start on pole position.

 The first six best classified riders of the official result of the Second Chance heat move on to the Pre-Final.


B Pre Final & B Final Senior Max 

Senior Max drivers who did not make it to the Pre Final will race a B Pre Final & B Final.

In case Micro Max and Mini Max will join the event only a B Final is planned.



Duration of the Pre-Final is 13 minutes + 1 lap.

The official result of the Pre-Final determines the starting grid for the Final.



Duration of the Final is 13 minutes + 1 lap.

The official result of the Final determines the overall weekend ranking.



Prize-giving will take place as soon as possible after the last race. 

In Micro and Mini MAX, there will be five trophies handed out. 

For all other classes, three trophies will be provided. 

Podium winners must be present in their race suit + helmet to receive the trophy. 

The organisation will provide a face mask for each driver on the podium.